Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Randomly picked up this book and didn't realize it was of the self-help genre. I just liked the cover but the content is actually pretty interesting and kinda funny.

Here's a piece from the book:
"Remove shoes whenever possible"
"...One of the best natural massages you can give your long suffering feet is to walk barefoot through grass. Here you'll find nonaddictive mood stabilizer called "herbacinium". Since each foot has a thousand itty-bitty fibrous nerve endings, soaking the herbacinium through your balls, heals and toes and into the blood-stream can lower your heart rate by up to 14%.."


Sunday, July 26, 2009

other things in life

Today I was at Union Square and met a man who dropped me enough wisdom to fill a book with. It's funny how you randomly meet amazing people!

Parks are my new favorite places to chill.

Work is unpredictable and awesome.

I think I've seen this video at least twice every day since monday:

so much to tell

Well well, what an adventure i've been through this summer. I'm still in the middle of it, but i think i need some breathing room to blog a bit.

first of all, for my own sake; this is a list of movies i'd like to watch specifically in the indie romance genre:
New York, I Love You (oct 29)
Adam (july 29)
Paper Heart (aug 14)
500 Days of Summer (now playing)

And i must see Shanghai, which comes out Sept 4 simply because my grandparents are shanghainese and i've grown up in a household listening to classic shanghainese music, eating shanghainese cuisine and watching shanghainese movies. Besides, old Shanghai is simply magical!

Lots of props to Nolan, who told me about all these great films.

I've recently seen the screening for The September Issue at JWT, which was pretty great as well. Especially when it's in the middle of the work day and you're lounging on the couches with delicious pastries and great people. I love my job!